My Limitations

Problems with which I have a bad track record:

Lifelong low motivation and passivity. I have spent years trying to help with this problem with a number of people; but I have never helped very much. I don't want to try again.

Hateful marital relationships. I'm really good with couples where there is a core of good will and caring and an interest in growth, even when there are big problems; but I don't like working with couples who come to me as a "last resort" and who have no respect or caring for the other.   I'm not good at it, I don't like it, and I'm a big advocate for divorce in these cases.  In fact, I don't like working with couples at all unless both come with good will toward the other and a willingness to change.  Most couples come in the hope that I will fix their partner.

Severe cases of obsessive thinking, thoughts that come unbidden and take over. (This is different from compulsive behaviors, regular OCD, with which I definitely can help you.) I'd love to work with you; but I don't really know if I can help with this because, so far, everyone who has come to me with this complaint has been in a hurry and has left in search of an expert. I always ask them to call me and give me the name of the expert who helps them, and I have yet to hear back from anyone. It's a tough problem, I think I can help, but I don't know for sure, and it will definitely take time.

Problems I won't work with if they are the only reason for coming to me:

weight reduction

Well, all right. If you know I have little experience but can't find  anyone better, I might work with you (I do love a challenge). And I will definitely do what I can for these problems with people who have them secondary to other issues.

Problems with which I have insufficient training or experience:

Drug and alcohol treatment. I have way more family experience than I ever wanted, but little professional experience. I often work successfully with substance dependence when it is part of larger life issues, but I won't accept clients who are out of control in their drug and alcohol use.  I refer them to AA or other programs.   HOWEVER, I am interested in working with clients who are clear about not using a substance but find they lose control when they get triggered by certain specific situations; I use a newly developed EMDR protocol that has so far proven quite effective.   And I have worked well with people who sincerely want to quit but are allergic to AA.  But for someone still into denial, manipulation, and serious abuse, I'm just not experienced or cunning enough.

Serious eating disorders.  This can be a life-threatening disorder that needs experienced professional help. However, if it's not life-threatening and you cannot find a specialist in Taos, I would be willing to try.  

Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder).   This is a real specialty, for which I have little training and experience.  

Problems I definitely, positively won't take on:
: I love them, but this is really a specialty I'm not trained in and not equipped for.

Adolescents: I didn't relate well to adolescents when I was one, and it hasn't gotten better as I have gotten older. Not all teens are adolescents, however, and I've done good work with some who weren't.

Impulse-control disorders.   I have no education or training in this. 

Schizophrenia. Early in my career I was Clinical Director of a treatment ward for first-break schizophrenics, but I am long out of practice and lack hospital privileges.

Severe Paranoia.  Who works with paranoids? They know therapists are part of the conspiracy.  But if you actually know you're mildly paranoid and think it might be possible to trust a therapist, we could try.

Victims of really terrible abuse and neglect in childhood.  (I'm talking torture, ritual abuse, etc.)   If this fits you, then you are the kind of client that many therapists love to work with. Some of the most interesting and satisfying work in our field is with people like you. However, you need someone who will be there for you in a consistent way for many years. I am too old to responsibly promise this kind of commitment.

Anyone who might be a danger to my home or family.  My office is next to my home.

Anyone needing a lot of phone support between sessions.  I value my privacy too much.

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