Do you work with substance abuse?
     If your life is really out of control or if substance abuse is your main problem, you should seek a program or practitioner with special drug treatment experience.  However, if your life is moderately under control and substance use is just one of your issues, I might be a good choice for you - especially if you don't feel you fit into the twelve-step or rehab model.  I might also be a good choice if your substance use is moderately under control, but your urge to use still gets triggered by certain situations.  I use an EMDR method for relapse-prevention that has been quite effective.

     Although this is not an area in which I have special professional expertise, it is also not an area I shy away from. Many years of involvement with clients and family members who were addicted have given me patience, compassion, and a little wisdom about substance abuse.  Although do not accept clients who come to me primarily for substance abuse problems, I have worked very successfully over the years with many clients who came to me with other issues but also struggled with drug or alcohol problems.

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