What is your theraputic style?                                                                                  
     I do not work from the psychoanalytic model where the therapist is a passive and impersonal mirror. I believe that for therapy to be effective, the relationship and the therapist must be genuine. Therefore, I expect openness and honesty from myself, and I find that I get the same in return from my client. Through this kind of interaction we build the trust that is crucial to effective therapy.
     I am also not the kind of therapist who waits patiently for you to talk about whatever is on your mind and assumes that will take us where you want to go.  I always have a mental map in mind of where we are and how to get where you want to go.   If I perceive that you are lost or avoiding what we need to focus on, I will gently nudge you back on track and suggest a vehicle for getting us to  your destination - a technique that will get us beyond "just talking about it."
     Each session I expect myself to have reviewed our work in previous sessions and to be fully present and open-hearted.  In the way that I interact with clients, I try to balance friendly sociability with task-oriented professionalism, genuine empathy with supportive confrontation, and seriousness with humor and play. In the way that I work, I can be very directive and structured, or I can sensitively follow my client's energy, intervening only when movement is blocked.                                                                               Return to Questions