Will it work for me?
     In the last year that I evaluated my work statistically), 81% either (1) accomplished what they came for (46%) or (2) achieved a satisfactory level of progress and were confident that they had gained the tools needed to continue progressing on their own (35%). That leaves 19% who gave up or decided that therapy was not working or was not working fast enough.  

     If we talk briefly over the phone, I will have some idea about whether I can help you, and I promise to tell you honestly if I think I can't; and I'll give you an even more informed opinion during our first session.  If I think another therapist or a different method would serve you better, I'll tell you.  If I think that I'm not what you need, I'll do my best to inform you of what you do need.  

     During therapy, we'll constantly be assessing our progress.  If you or I think we're not making progress, I'll try to direct you to something or someone more likely to help.

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